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hold still psalms

“Be still, and know that I am God!

I will be honored by every nation.

I will be honored throughout the world.” 

The Lord of hosts is with us;

The God of Jacob is our stronghold.  


Psalms 46:10


I remember when I was kindergarten age, my father was posted at Fort Hamilton in Brooklyn New York and the winters there were snowy and cold enough to warrant a snow suit for us youngin’s, before leaving for school.  Those days you could send off a six year-old child to walk several blocks to school and not worry about a drive by shooting or child abduction.  Everybody knew that everybody was watching!  “You couldn’t get away with nothing!”  Back then, if someone saw you doing something stupid, a mother you never met before, would come out of nowhere, grab you by the ear and drag you all the way home to your own mother to tell her what she caught you doing.  Ahh…I miss those days..  Do that today…..and you’ve got a reserved room at your local correctional facility waiting for ya.  


Putting that snow suit on was like an astronaut preparing for a space shuttle launch!  It seemed to take hours to put that 200 lb wool straight jacket on!  The whole time my mother was telling me to “Be still! Quit wiggling around!”  Really?!…You’re telling an ADHD/OCD kid to be still?!  My attention was everywhere but right there.  Those experiences caused me to really dislike winters and I wound up in Wisconsin!  How did that happen?! But rest assured, I do complain about winter every year.  Isn’t that the way of the Wisconsinite?!


With that being said, theologians agree this psalm was most likely written during the invasion of Israel, 700 years before Christ, by the Assyrian king Sennacherib, pronounced- “suh-na-kr-ib”. The sons of Korah wrote this psalm in song to sing in the tabernacle in response to the failed siege of the Assyrians at Jerusalem.  It was a reminder to the children of Israel that we need not fear anything, because God “will” be exalted among “all” the nations on the earth.  That means the opposing nations as well.  


There is a three-fold command here.  First, we are instructed to stop what we’re doing and be still!  Quit scrambling around, running here and there trying to fix and control something you can’t!  Doesn’t matter what situation or calamity faces you….STOP, Focus and listen!  Second, take a breath, a deep breath and listen to  the Spirit of God speaking in your heart that He is God and Creator of the universe and anything that opposes you is opposing Him, and He will never leave you nor forsake you (Deuteronomy 31:6).  Third, He makes it a point to remind us that the nations, all nations, Godly and ungodly nations, will know He is God and they WILL exalt and acknowledge Him as God.  In other words….God is telling us to “slow down, relax... I’m your strength, and I’ve got this. Bathe in and enjoy My peace, and know that no matter what comes against you, you are hidden in the shadow of my wings.” (Psalms 17:8-9).  The more you focus on the God who sustains you, the more you will know He is God. So be still and enjoy the still waters He leads you to.  And while you’re sitting around in the celestial hot tub, enjoy a tall glass of the cool refreshing water Jesus offers.  He promised it comes in an all-you-can drink, bottomless cup.  Cheers!


Father, You are the great “Elohim Shomri” “God our Protector”.  Thank You, Father, we never have to fear anything.  In all circumstances, You sustain and protect us.  You promised in 1 Corinthians 10:13, we will never experience more than we can handle and You will make a way of escape so we will overcome it.  That’s the love we so desperately need that You supply.  Help us to always remember You never ever leave us, nor forsake us, and in the middle of our struggles, You’ve already made a way for us to follow.  Thank You, Father, for being “God our Protector”….. in the powerful name of Jesus we pray….amen.


Help ukraine!

Please watch the below video sent from Petry Groza, one of our missionaries from Romania, who's ministry is helping house Ukraine refugees and getting supplies into Ukraine. 

Please contact Pastor John at to see how you can help!


s e r m o n

s c h e d u l e


June 5th: "The Bible - Is…!!!”
(Don't miss this Sunday's Teaching and please bring your Bible)
by Pastor John


June 12th: Walleye Weekend Ecumenical Church Service at Lakeside Park.
(Bring your lawn chair or blanket and grab a shuttle ride

to join us on the Lakeside for church in the park.) 

No Service at Essential Rock this day! 


June 19th: Essential Rock's 9th Anniversary!!! 
Undeniable Sermon Series: 

“The Undeniable Essential Rock of Salvation”
by Pastor John


June 26th: Pastor Bruce's Ordination & Picnic Celebration!
“God's Undeniable Love”
by Pastor Bruce


July 3rd: “We Are God's Undeniable Workmanship”
by Pastor Bruce


July 10th: God's Creation: “Creator & Creation” Creation Part 1
(A Look at God's Power, Design, & Plan)
by Kody Burg


July 17th: “Creation's Free Will, Fall, & Fresh Start” Creation Part 2
(A Look at Free Will and The Fall Through our Fresh Start After Noah - 
God Has a Redemption Plan!!!)
by Kody Burg


July 24th: Eternity - “God's Plan, Our Path” 
(God's Desire For Us in His Redeemed United Paradise)
by Pastor John


July 31st: Pivotal Prayers Sermon Series
Pivotal Prayers: Part 1 -
(The Power of repenting, asking, talking, and supplicating to God in prayer)
by Brenda Slotten


Aug 7th: Pivotal Prayers Part 2
Dangerous Prayers in Faith
(Reach Me, Change me, Use Me, Search Me, Break Me, and Send Me)
by Pastor John

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