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D e v o t i o n a l

Are you sure?!

Is anything too hard for the Lord?”

Genesis 18:14a


We sometimes get lost in our own minds when our world is turned upside down by some unexpected problem, tragedy, or trauma.  Without warning a loved one suddenly dies or is seriously injured, a financial loss swoops in, or get a frightening medical report.  They all carry the same power to flip our worlds and cause a lot of confusion and fear.  In the middle of our explosion, (which sometimes feels like a claymore mine just went off under our feet!), we tend to forget the verses that have the power to get us through anything.  We stand there stunned and can’t move, or even breathe for that matter, while watching the tragic events unfold.  Very few of us respond as Job did when he was informed that he just lost everything... his wealth, his children and all that he possessed. Job 1:21b states, “the Lord gave and the Lord has taken away; may the name of the Lord be praised.”


Really?!  Praise the Lord?!….. for me…. I’m demanding answers…..”Why?!!”  “What good is there in this?!”  “Why would You allow this to happen?!”  Like I said, very few of us would respond like he did.  The reality is, the way Job reacted….is the only way to respond.  Does it really matter why it happened?  Do we really think that knowing the answer will help us divert the present pain or hide from the next one that might come along and give us some measure of peace in the middle of it?  Knowing why won’t bring any sort of solitude or order to the situation, or fix anything, but, I have found praising God in the middle of my sorrow motivated me to surrender my sorrow, and lean on the Savior’s embrace, experiencing the peace that extends beyond man’s understanding.  


This verse is related to the story of a very old woman, named Sarah, who was promised to she would give birth to a son in her old age.  That was quite the promise, and a very long awaited promise at that.  Keep in mind Sarah was 90 when God told her she would give birth. There are disparate records of the birth so we don’t know exactly at what age she gave birth.  We do know she died at the age of 127 but the birth was between those final years. Most scholars adhere to 91 years old. Either way she and Abraham were well beyond their years to conceive a child.  And as you read the story, she gave birth to a son, Issac, who was key evidence of God’s faithfulness to Abraham, and in turn showed Abraham’s faithfulness to God, which God proclaimed as Abraham’s righteousness. 


So here we are facing our challenges of whatever degree or situation it may be, demanding answers of "why?"  "What good can become of this?!"  Our hearts are melting in the furnace of trials in fear and anguish, but what we don’t see is that God has a plan. He shows up in the furnace, strengthening us to continue our journey of faith and restoration as He did for Sarah and Abraham. He gave them both many more years of life with their son.  


If you’re in the middle of a frighting or challenging time…..remember the words of Abraham’s visitors, “Is there anything too hard for God?”   As you read those words, your heart is telling you, “No, there isn’t”.  No matter what you think or how you feel or how intense your situation, you are being held by a God that has no limitations.  I assure you my friend, even thought you might not feel it, He is right there, right now, holding you above the line of absolute despair and carrying you to the other side, because He promised He would NEVER leave you nor forsake you (Deuteronomy 31:8). All we have to do, is just believe. 



Heavenly Father….in the middle of our crises, we tend to forget the saving power of Your love.  We struggle with the event that tore our world apart.  We tend to lose sight of You in the middle of it all.  Forgive us, dear Father, and as the disciples asked Jesus, “help our unbelief”, we also ask so that we see Your hand of deliverance in the middle of our struggle and pain.  Speak to our hearts Father through Your Holy Spirit, the Great Comforter, and bring us to the place of refuge from the storm.  You are all that we need, no matter the circumstances, and in those times may we say “may the name of the Lord be praised”….. in the name of Jesus, our Savior, we pray…..amen.



s e r m o n

s c h e d u l e


Sunday Jan. 15th: 

Sermon Series: Grow!

Theme: “Vision for a Spiritually Growing Church - 

Becoming Mature in Christ"

Colossians 1:15-29                

 by Pastor Bruce Komassa

Stand alone sermons

Sunday Jan. 22nd

Sermon Title: Overcomers

Theme: "Overcoming Trepidation to living Triumphant!"  

John 16:33 & Philippians 4:4-13              

by Pastor John Slotten


Sunday Jan. 29th

Sermon Title: Biblical Baptism

Theme: “Boldly Proclaiming One's Faith!  

Baptism is The most important step to take once we say YES to Jesus as our Lord and Savior!"

Acts 8:26-40 & Luke 3:1-23                                           

by Pastor John Slotten 


Feb 5th
Sermon Series: Facts or Feelings
Theme: “Facts or Feelings” = “Truth or Consequences”
by Pastor John Slotten and his Daughter Breyann VanderVelden


Feb 12
Sermon Series: Facts or Feelings
Theme: “Fact's Foundations if Feelings are Fraud”
by Pastor John Slotten


Feb 19
Sermon Series: Facts or Feelings
Theme: “Fact's Promise / When Feelings Lie"
by Pastor John Slotten


Feb 26
Sermon Series: Facts or Feelings
Theme: True Reason: “God's Virtues for Factual Feelings”
by Pastor John Slotten

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