Together we seek the lost, love the hurting, and disciple believers to do the same.



Sunday Sermons at 9:30 am

Bible study and fellowship opportunities following service.

We are so excited to celebrate 7 Years together!

Please enjoy some quotes below from some people we love dearly:

"I'm forever grateful for God having put Essential Rock and Pastor John in my life!  My relationship with Jesus Christ has blossomed since I've been a part of the Essential Rock family, it truly has!  Being baptized was the best decision of my life.  Words can't express my gratitude for the way you've donated your time in helping me with grieving the loss of my brother.  You're truly a God-send and Pastor John a forever friend!!  Thank you for all you do!!  Happy Anniversary Essential Rock Church!"

Jaclyn Yesko

 "7 blessed years for a church that provides so much encouragement.  We were there at Christ the Rock for the announcement, and have been grateful for so much that the church has provided over the years.  We wish many more years of service to our community and our church family.

Happy Anniversary!"

Jeff & Cindy Wagner

"I have come a long way since first walking through the doors of Essential Rock Church on Main St. for a soup dinner.  No one who knew me then would believe that it would lead to the last six years being a sober believer.  Even I wouldn't have believed that I would become a leader in any recovery program, much less one associated with a church.   

But here we are part of God's plan for me to be an active member of His church.  A church full of God's love and forgiveness, teaching tolerance, patience, and to love everyone.  Even those who disagree with me.  Everyone can love their friends, but it truly is doing God's will to love your enemy too.

In these troubled times of pandemic and division, Essential Rock Church truly is God's gift to us where we can gather together as one body in his love." 

Tom Tennis

"I joined Essential Rock Church almost 6 years ago and it totally changed my life. I had just quit drinking and doing drugs and by coming to our Church, I feel that God took away my desire to use. I went to church all my life but ERC completely changed my life. No one at our church judges and I find that refreshing. I read the Bible but never fully understood until I attended Pastor John's Bible study. It was like a light went on. Pastor John and the church have done so much for me and my spirituality. The church also trusted me to be a leader at Celebrate Recovery and I found this is my life mission. To help other addicts. I feel wonderful about it. After Tom and I had been married over 40 years we renewed our vows and it was wonderful. I was also baptized at the store front church and I felt totally renewed. I am so happy to be involved in the church and I am blessed to be a member of Essential Rock Church. 

God bless you all and congratulations on 7 years." 

Michelle Tennis

"How very special for all of you and your anniversary!  Congratulations!"

With love,

Anola Granola

"To me, Essential Rock Church has become an essential part of my life. I love doing church in a place that is so willing to be real, to be vulnerable and to be the place where God’s love is found. We are not perfect, but we continue to learn, grow and love. Thanks for being my church and a rock in my life.

Happy Anniversary Church!"

Todd  Vahlsing

"Essential Rock Church is not just a Church we are a family! We have always enjoyed the blessings of our Lord Jesus Christ and let us thank Him sincerely as we mark this 7th anniversary.
Praise God!"
Dan & Michelle Madden

"I've always loved this Church from it's humble beginnings meeting at the YMCA, to now, in our beautiful building. I feel the genuinity and humility continuing with the Holy Spirit's help and guiding. I pray the Lord continues to bless Pastor John and the elders to continue to lead and grow in humility and wisdom all for His glory. I love you all from the bottom of my heart! I’m so blessed to do life with you all."
Jess Burg

"Happy Anniversary Church. Wow 7 years, how cool is that? We are so blessed to have Pastor John, Brenda, our Elders and great leaders teaching, loving, and sharing God's word and love with us. I am so proud of our church family. Love how we love on people! It's such a joy to watch new faces when their hearts and minds open to God's love and accept Jesus. Our Church is love! I am so excited to see where God leads us in the coming years. Can't wait till I can hug you all again!❤"
Sherry Miller

"Dear ERC , Wow, 7 years - I learned from one of my dear sisters in Christ, that 7 is the number of perfection/completeness. I can’t wait to see what plans the Lord has for ERC during this year. I know for sure there will be continuous growth together in love, faith, and actions to everyday be more like HIS SON. God is already doing this because in the last 2 years, all of you helped me grow in love, faith and actions... I’m so delighted to call ERC my church family. Grateful to God for the wonderful brothers and sisters in Christ that HE placed on my path. Each one of you helped me to grow as a person and as a Christian, to be more like Christ!"
Dr. Daisy Santa

"Lori and I want to congratulate ERC on our 7 year anniversary. Through our Church, our relationship with Christ has grown and we have been extremely blessed. We are going on 4 years with our Church and we are so grateful for all of our Church family. In the last 4 years for us we have seen how much our Church has grown and made changes and we can’t wait to see what God’s plan is in the next 7 years . Love you all. P. S Lori wishes we could celebrate with a big pot luck."
Scott & Lori Berholtz

"I've never been part of a church that truly lives out it's mission like ERC. Come as you are and you will feel excepted and loved. I'm happy to call ERC my home! ❤"
Wendy Bodden

"In the time I have been with Essential Rock Church, I am truly taken back with the lives I have seen transformed through the the amazing love of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. I hope you will all continue to work hard. We aren't done yet, but trust He will guide our journey for the good of His name."
God Bless You All,
Tom Pfeiffer

"Happy 7th Anniversary ERC. I praise God for you! I know that much has been accomplished in 7 years. However there is much more to do. Be encouraged! He who began a good work in you will carry it on to the day of Christ Jesus. (Philippians 1:3). Thank you, ERC, for how you have encouraged me, challenged me.
God bless ERC in the next 7 years and beyond."
Tina Pfeiffer

"ERC saved my life. I was able to grieve openly and freely here at the lowest point in my life, while I battled a dark addiction and divorce. There is a presence of God at this place I have never known at any other church. I will be forever grateful for this place and for Pastor John's love and guidance that still keeps me sober today. My faith was restored at ERC. And that is the greatest gift I've ever received.
Happy Anniversary!"
Lindsay Horan

"To our beloved church family,
As we celebrate God's excellent work in birthing this church seven years ago, Tracy and I are overwhelmed with love and joy. Though we were not among you for the start physically, we were with you in prayer. To see the manifestation of this is like watching a sun rise over the mountains, simply magnificent. We have both been blessed in so many ways it's hard to count since joining with you physically. We talk often of the incredible friendships that are now an essential part of our lives. Essential Rock has God's heart! So we say thank you, Lord, for this great work. Continue to bless and lead this wonderful body in love, grace, truth, and mercy. We also say thank you, dear family, for loving the both of us in a true and deep way. May we continue to grow old together serving the Lord with great passion. We love you deeply."
Bruce and Tracy Komassa

"My wife, Paige, and I would like to congratulate Essential Rock Church on 7 years serving the City of Fond du Lac! Essential Rock has been a huge blessing to our family in so many ways. In this church we got to experience the baptism of some men that mean a lot to me and men that I look up to. Our daughter celebrated her child dedication here in early 2019 and we were blessed to be the first couple married in this church in 2016! The people we have met and the relationships we have built throughout our time here at this church has changed our lives. For the first time we have found a church that makes it easy to serve in. Congratulations again to Essential Rock Church! We look forward to worshiping and fellowshipping with this body for many years to come!"
Ty & Paige Bodden

"Happy 7th Anniversary. Let's make the next 7 years even greater than the past 7. Praise God for giving us Essential Rock Church."
Dan & Tammie Hanks

“We do not see into the world in which God lives, but He definitely sees into ours. By praying, we give evidence that we have committed ourselves to Him, that we take God at His word, that we trust Him, and that even though we can’t always see what He is doing, we know He is working in our lives.
Happy Anniversary!"
Steph Wieser

"I’m excited for ERC to come up on its 7th year anniversary in the Fond du Lac community! In our church's 7 years in our community, we have made a kingdom impact throughout our community deeper than we can even imagine. Our church isn’t just like a family, but we actually are a family (Eph. 5). Through lives greatest triumphs and trials, this church has stood with myself and with others. In my 5 years with Essential Rock, I have seen people come to Christ, baptized, leaders called to ministry, marriages reconciled, people rescued from drug and alcohol addiction, and so much more. It’s often said that the true challenge for a church is to see what the community impact would be if the church were to shut it doors. I am convinced that ERC has been instrumental in restoring the brokenness of sin found throughout our community and that Fond du Lac is a much greater community because of Essential Rock Church."
Dan Degner

"Happy Anniversary Essential Rock Church! Who knew what an amazing adventure this would be when we started out to bring a place of Hope and healing to the community of Fond du Lac? Who knew the wonderful family of believers that would touch our lives deeply?  Who knew that the joys and heartaches would grow us closer together and in our faith?  
God knew!  God bless His mission and His faithful believers now and for generations to come!  Love and hugs to our family at ERC."  
Brenda Slotten

New daily devotional

Essential Rock Church & Friends, 
Leaders at Essential Rock Church will be sharing and posting a daily encouraging faithful comment and prayer. Please enjoy!

The words that moved me were, 

“but none of these things move me”.  

Acts 20:24a NKJV

Troubling circumstances ahead were easily moving me.  Struggling against being taken captive by fear, frustration, and discouragement, my soul was experiencing fatigue.

I knew I was being called to move forward into some hard situations, but my mind, will, and emotions were proving to be a hindrance to me, not a help.  Something needed to change.

Acts 20:22-24 caught my attention and with it a new perspective.  Inspiration came through verse 24a, “but none of these things move me”.  

Resting in God's Word supplied the much needed courage and compelling energy to move forward with joy.  The troubling uncertainty ahead wasn’t meant to break me, but to make me. 

Father, Your children have always faced troubling circumstances to overcome while moving forward in completing the task of sharing The Good News of Your grace.  In each and every circumstance, You have always been and will always be found faithful because it's Who You are.  Great is Your faithfulness God!

Jesus, in faithfulness to the Father, You showed us through Your finished work on The Cross how to overcome so we can finish our life’s work with joy.  Thank You for leading by example! 

Holy Spirit, thank You for the continual inspiration through God's Word empowering us to move forward in Christlike ways that show the true love of God.  Your help is always needed!

God, You made a way for us to be prepared and confident in life's assignments.  May Your Word and The Holy Spirit be what continually moves, encourages and energizes us.  May we offer back to You everything and anything helpful to make You known.  May we hold nothing back, not even ourselves, until You are fully glorified on the earth and all people are blessed.   In Jesus Name, Amen.  

-Tracy Komassa

A Note from pastor John

It’s Time To Regather!!!

Phase One Safe Practices for Essential Rock Church - Opening May 31st:

(All efforts will be made to provide a health safe church but health safety can’t be guaranteed) 

Every Effort Will Be Taken To:

  • Provide a safely sanitized Church
  • Protect children with no Sunday School, just yet
  • Protect babies by offering no nursery, just yet
  • No weekday/weekend ministry groups will meet in this phase at Church. 
  • Masks are welcome and highly encouraged, but not mandated. (Those concerned are encouraged to take in our livestream until they feel safer) 
  • Families are invited to sit together.  If needed, chairs can be separated, also, distant rows can be added for separation. 
  • Rubber gloves are welcome as well
  • We request everyone follow safe separation (distancing) policy recommendations. 
  • No live communion temporarily during phase one.  Please partake at home, or bring your own elements from home and partake during our livestream communion time as an individual or family at church. (Phase two will have individually wrapped/sealed communion elements for people to use). 
  • No passing of baskets for offering.  They will be set out for people to make their tithe and offerings. 
  • No paper bulletins handed out.  You can print your own from home before church, plus preprint your sermon notes to bring. 
  • Those with health concerns, risk factors, or living with those who do, are encouraged to stay home. 
  • Someone feeling sick or with a temperature above normal must stay home
  • Hand sanitizer is placed all around church
  • No hand shakes or hugs
  • Please bring your own Kleenex as we don’t offer shared use for now. 
  • Services will be purposely kept to 60 minutes or less to minimize gathering interaction time. 
  • Church will have a 2 day non-use rest period after Sunday services to allow any active virus to expire on most surfaces before cleaning crew volunteers clean. 
  • We will be omitting snacks and coffee bar until further notice.  Feel free to bring your own coffee/tea!

We ask people to follow CDC recommendations and watch local and state guidelines as well. 

Their is no pressure or judgements made on when you return.  Seek God and be led by the Spirit as you individually, or as a family, decide when to return to live group church services.  Our live-streaming is now a regular ongoing option for all. 

God Bless Us As We Worship Our God!!!

Amen Amen

Pastor John

S u m m e r   r e a d i n g   and   s e r m o n   g u i d e

By June 7th, Read: 1 Peter(Chapters 1-5) 

June 7th Sermon Title: “Living in Amazing Hope Amidst Suffering”

By June 14, Read 2 Peter (Chapters 1-3)

June 14th Sermon Title: “Growing, Ready, and on Guard”

By June 21st, Read James (Chapters 1-5)

Father’s Day! June 21st Sermon Title: “Christian Action For All” 

Plus Jame’s Wisdom for Dads

By June 28th, Read The Books Of Hosea and Amos

June 28th Sermon Title: 

“Loyalty to God and Care for the Poor”

By July 5th Read: The Book Of Micah 

July 5th Sermon Title: “Walking in the Name of the Lord Forever”

By July 12 Read: The Books Of Obadiah, Nahum, Habakkuk, & Zephaniah

July 12th Sermon Title: 

“Destruction, Corruption, injustice and the Day of the Lord”

By July 19th Read: The Books Of Haggai, Zechariah, & Malachi

July 19th Sermon Title: “The Second Temple ~ God Dwelling With Us!"

By July 26th Read: The Book Of Joel

July 26th Sermon Title: 

“Prayer & Repentance"

By August 2nd Read: The Book Of Jonah

August 2nd Sermon Title: “Universal Love, Sovereignty, & Redemption”

In reading and summarizing the 12 minor prophets; each of you taking the Uncommon Journey should know, we are now over 25% through the whole Bible!!!

By August 9th Read: The Book Of Jude

August 9th Sermon Title: 

“Faithful Contentment”

By August 16th Read: 1 Thessalonians & 2nd Thessalonians

August 16th Message Title: 

“Living in the Light of Jesus”

By August 23rd Read: Titus and Philemon

August 23rd Sermon Title: “Sound Doctrine and Radical Forgiveness”

By August 30th Read: 1 John, 2 John, & 3 John

August 30th Sermon Title: 

“God’s Lavishing Love”

Those of you taking the Uncommon Journey by reading the Bible in advance of my teachings, know by September, you’ll have reached nearly 40% of the Bible! It’s not too late to join us!

Join me in staying on the Uncommon Journey Of Reading and completing the whole Bible within 2 years time!!!

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You must each decide in your heart how much to give. And don’t give reluctantly or in response to pressure. “For God loves a person who gives cheerfully.”

2 Corinthians 9:7


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