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Uncommon Journey REading schedule

Feb 21st:  Paul’s Letter to the Philippians: Part 1 “The Name Above All Names”

chapters 1 & 2 by Pastor John

Feb 28th:  Paul’s Letter to the Philippians Part 2 “Rejoicing in the Peace of The Secret”

Chapters 3 & 4 by Pastor John

March 7th:  Proverbs  “The Voice of Wisdom” chapters 1-9 by Pastor John

March 14th:  “Proverbs — Solomon’s Wise Words”

Chapters 10-21 by Brenda Slotten

March 21st:  “Wise Proverbs by Others” 

Chapters 22-31

March 28th:  Gospel of Mark: “Jesus’ Ministry and Triumph”

Chapters 1-11 by John

April 2nd:  “Good Friday” Mark 15

April 4th:  Easter Sunday! 

The Gospel of Mark: “He is Risen”

Chapter 12-14,16 by Pastor John

April 11th:  Dedication Sunday!!! 

1 Corinthians chapters 1-4

“The Church & Spirit” by Pastor John

April 18th: 1 Corinthians chapter 5-8

“Recognizing Issues/Sensitive to Weak Faith”

by Pastor John

April 25th: 1 Corinthians 9-12

“Personal Trust in the Gospel” by Pastor John

May 2nd: 1 Corinthians 13-16

“Resurrection & Christian Faith” by Pastor John


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“So don’t be anxious about tomorrow.  God will take care of your tomorrow too.  Live one day at a time.”

Matthew 6:34


Do you tend to worry?  Have you found yourself thinking about the future lately, worrying about what will be happening in your life weeks or months from now, next year, or even five years from now?  If so, you’re not alone.  With everything that has happened in our country over the past year, it is very easy to be concerned or worried about our health, our jobs, finances, our kids and families, and about many things that could happen or change in the near future that could significantly affect our lives.  I think it is safe to say that  most people have had these worries on their mind these past several months.


I’ve caught myself thinking about these things several times a day lately.  When I find myself worrying and wondering how I should deal with all of this, I am reminded of God’s words in Matthew 6:34…Do not be anxious about tomorrow…” God wants us to focus on the present, taking things one day at a time, trusting in Him to take care of tomorrow.  Of course, this doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t plan or prepare for the future, but otherwise, we need to work on trusting in Him and on focusing on today.


When we worry, we tend to project into the future, thinking too far ahead, and when we do this, it is our tendency to picture the worst-case scenario.  This in turn, raises our anxiety and causes us to worry more.  Thus, it becomes a vicious cycle.  God doesn’t want us to live our lives this way.  He wants us to live life to the fullest and enjoy each day, trusting Him to take care of our problems for tomorrow.  Worry steals our joy.  It is the opposite of trust, and it doesn’t fix or solve anything.  God tells us that worry is actually a sin.  He wants us to have peace of mind and peace in our heart and soul.


When we live in the future, by thinking too far ahead, or when we dwell on the past, we are missing the present and all God has for us today.  One of the best ways to combat anxiety and fear is to live one day at a time and focus on the present.  So, how do we do this?


--Talk to God about all the things that are causing you worry, fear, and anxiety.


--Put these things in God’s hands, and ask Him to help you trust Him to take care of each one.


--Ask God to help you be aware of every time you start to think too far ahead and get anxious about the future, and then ask Him to help you come back to the present and focus on today, on what you are doing at the moment and to help you to enjoy it, whether it be a task you are doing for work a chore at home, talking to a friend, spending time with your child… Enjoy and be thankful for that moment.


--Ask God to fill your thoughts with his desires/plans of good things for your life, with positive thoughts and to give you hope rather than despair.


--Think of all God is blessing you with today and all you can thank Him for right now in the present, and thank Him for all of the good things He is going to do in your life in the future.


How will you spend today?  Will you focus on the future and on your worries, or will you trust God and work on focusing on the present, staying in the moment, enjoying all that God has given you today, thanking Him for His blessings and believing He will take care of all of your tomorrows?


Dear Heavenly Father, thank you for your promise to take care of all of our tomorrows.  Forgive me for letting worry, anxiety, and fear take over at times.  Help me to remember to turn all of my worries and fears over to you and to trust you to take care of each one.  Help me to live one day at a time.  When I start to think too far ahead, remind me to bring myself back to the present and to focus only on toady.  Help me to have positive thoughts and to think of all you have blessed me with and all of the good things you are going to do in my life.  Amen

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