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D e v o t i o n a l

the darkened path

4Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil,

for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me.

Psalms 23:4

(read the whole psalm, it’s very short and a refreshing reminder)


This is one of the most recited Bible scriptures other than John 3:16.  It brings it right down to the root of all our fears... the shadow of death, a dark, gloomy, terrifying existence in life that, if we trust Him, can actually lead us to the comfort we so strongly desire. It gives you the confidence of knowing there is no need to fear darkness in any form, such as: hunger, poverty, sickness, death, physical and emotional pain, trials of any nature.  It’s all covered under the five words of “for You are with me”, Emmanuel….God with us.  Not just for us….but actually with us….right here, right now!  


When we come to that very moment of being called home, death is of no significance to the believer who carries God’s banner of truth and leans on the breast of our Savior.  We experience the peace that surpasses all understanding (Philippians 4:7), and travel to the still waters and green pastures of our heavenly home.


While we are being invoked to see that God is actually with us, comes another reality of comfort… the rod and staff of God.  The rod is a long stick symbolizing the protection of God which was used as a weapon against anything that would dare attack the shepherds’s flock, and the staff had a large hook on the end that symbolizes the loving kindness and guidance of God.  If the sheep got itself in a difficult situation or started to wander off, the shepherd would hook the sheep around its neck and pull it back close to him to safety.  Boy that sounds so much like sheeple, doesn’t it? You know... sheep and people…. sheeple!  We have such similarities, don’t we?  The Lord thought so.  I wonder, while God was creating the animals, did He have us in mind when He designed sheep?  Makes ya wonder.


How many times have you wandered off and found yourself in a quagmire?  I can’t count how many quagmires I’ve experienced as a result of my foolish rebellion.  I distinctly remember feeling very fearful and alone. (In truth, we are never alone).  Even though there possibly could be Heavenly discipline involved, (google schmoogle biblical discipline), I was relieved to return.  Man it felt good to come back!  It gives you a sense of belonging, being home and a feeling of peace and protected again. The sigh of relief was very welcomed.  


So believer, if you’re in the middle of your valley of death, where fear, terror and uncertainty thrives, rest assured His staff of comfort and rod of protection is well at hand, lighting your path and leading you to the promised quiet crystal waters of peace; where thirst doesn’t reside and the green pastures, where no soul can escape the comfort of the Holy Spirit,  because, “He has called you by name and you are His” Isaiah 43:1. And all we have to do, is just believe.


Come pray with me….


Heavenly Father thank You for being right here, right now, guiding and protecting us as we walk through our earthly journey, on our way home.  You blazed a trail and honed out the perfect path that is fit just for us.  We walk in the comfort of knowing we have nothing to fear because “You are with us”.  May Your rod and staff always be before us, guiding and protecting along the way as we journey the darkness of life, trusting in Your marvelous light, that casts a Holy shadow which brings us through the valley of darkness and on to the green pastures of Your comfort and the still waters of Your peace.  May we always find refuge in the shadow of Your wings….we pray through the Holy Spirit in the name of Jesus our Messiah…….amen.

s e r m o n

s c h e d u l e


Nov. 27th: Advent Week One: 

God’s Rescue Plan

“Promised Salvation Starts at The Fall”

(Week 1: We light the candle of hope)

By kody burg


Dec. 4th: Advent Week Two: 

God’s Rescue Plan

“God’s Prophets And Prophesies”

(Week 2: We light the candle of peace)

By Pastor Bruce Komassa


Dec. 11th: Advent Week Three: 

God’s Rescue Plan

“God’s Perfect Spiritual Timing”

(Week 3: We light the candle of love)

By Pastor John & Brenda Slotten


Dec 18th: Advent Week Four: 

God’s Rescue Plan

“God’s People Called to Fulfill His Salvation Plan”

(Week 4: We light the candle of joy)

By Pastor John Slotten


Christmas Eve Services:

“Good News of Great Joy - a Savior is Born” 

By Pastor Bruce Komassa

3pm Saturday, Dec. 24th

7pm Saturday, Dec. 24th Candlelight Service


Christmas Day Service:

“Let’s Go To Bethlehem” 

by Pastor John Slotten

9:30am Sunday Dec. 25

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