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We are so excited to announce our New Church Building is Dedicated to the lord!

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Uncommon Journey REading schedule

April 11th:  Dedication Sunday!!! 

1 Corinthians chapters 1-4

“The Church & Spirit” by Pastor John

April 18th: 1 Corinthians chapter 5-8

“Truth, Sin, Sexuality, and Being More Than You Were...”

by Pastor John

April 25th: 1 Corinthians 9-12

“Personal Trust in the Gospel” by Pastor John

May 2nd: 1 Corinthians 13-16

“Resurrection & Christian Faith” by Pastor John

May 9th: Ezra 1-6

“The Return and Rebuild” by Pastor John

May 16th: Ezra 7-10

“Ezra's Return” by Pastor John

May 23rd: 1 Timothy Part One 1-3

“Faithful Instruction” by Pastor John

May 30th: 1 Timothy Part Two 4-6

“Faithful Advice” by Pastor John

June 6th: 2 Timothy Chapters 1-4

“Concern for the Cause” by Pastor John


Essential Rock Church & Friends, 
Leaders at Essential Rock Church will be sharing and posting encouraging, faithful devotions and prayers to bless you. Please enjoy!

Relax...I've Got This

The Temple Tax

24After they had arrived in Capernaum, the collectors of the two-drachma tax, came to Peter and asked, “Does your Teacher pay the two drachmas?” 25“Yes,” he answered. 

When Peter entered the house, Jesus preempted him. “What do you think, Simon?” He asked. “From whom do the kings of the earth collect customs and taxes: from their own sons, or from others?”

26“From others,” Peter answered. 

“Then the sons are exempt,” Jesus declared. 27“But so that we may not offend them, go to the sea, cast a hook, and take the first fish you catch. When you open its mouth, you will find a four-drachma coin.e Take it and give it to them for My tax and yours.”

Matthew 17:24-27

There have been many a time in my life when I was caught off guard because I either forgot or thought I wasn’t obligated to do whatever I was questioned about.  I can see these tax collectors coming up to Peter with a smug presence, asking him, “Hey! You boys think you don’t have to pay tax around here? Everyone else does, where’s yours?!”  Peter wide eyed with surprise and most likely ladened with guilt, (because the Pharisees prided themselves in the art of guilt-laying), Peter says to them, “Yesssssss?” Most likely not really sure how to get out of this one….runs back to the house where Jesus and the others are staying, comes into the house panicked-looking, and before he can get a word out, Jesus says to him, “Hey Simon! I’m so glad to see you, how ya doing? Hey, I have a question for ya.  Peter of course is in panic mode because he has always worried about appearances to the temple authorities, looks at Jesus very puzzled and says, "Huh?" I can see the smile on Jesus' face. He’s so good at defusing any situation, isn’t he?  He certainly has defused many a situations in my life!  

Anyway, He asks Peter this question, "Hey, do ya think the King collects tax from their own sons or from the people?” Peter still confused and even more perplexed because Jesus is asking him a question about what he just went through… and answers, “From others?” He’s not really sure where Jesus is going with all this.  Jesus says, “You're right!, the sons of the king are exempt but we don’t want to offend them so let’s pay the tax to ease their minds so we can get the work done we came to do”.  So Jesus sends him fishing.  

There are a lot of theories about why Jesus sent him fishing.  I personally believe Jesus sent Peter back to his roots as a fisherman. Back to his comfort zone because Peter isn’t ready to take all this on yet.  I think Jesus wanted Peter to be alone, fish and just chill and relax.  In other words…Jesus was telling us, relax, I got this, trust me, it’s a simple fix for me.  I believe Jesus is saying to all of us…. “I know where you are in life, I know how confusing and painful it is.  Trust me, I won’t leave you, I’ve got this all worked out”. “Remember I love you and I bring you peace in every situation, if you will trust Me”.  

Pray with me,

Father, Your devotion and love to us is beyond our comprehension.  We can’t even imagine the depth of it.  Your word tells us that it doesn’t matter how high or how low we are, You are always there, in the middle of our stuff.  You never, ever leave us nor forsake us.  How humbling it is to embrace the idea that the King and Creator of all the universes, and all that is created is concerned about us.  Thank You, Father, that I am allowed to walk in total security of Your love and affection.  The best I have I give You praise and bless Your name.  I pray all this in the name of Your Son, my Lord and Savior, Jesus our Messiah,  amen.

-Tony Rhodes

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