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count it all joy

So Satan went out from the presence of the Lord and infected Job with terrible boils from the souls of his feet to the crown of his head.

Job 2:7

 (You have to read the whole chapter to get the picture here, it’s a short one, go for it!)


Ive always wondered why the sons of God were called that day, and interestingly enough, satan shows up to the call.  The account doesn’t suggest whether he came willingly or not.  Does it really matter?  God’s sovereignty allows Him to do as He pleases. Everything is under His command, good or evil….everything is subject to Him.  And when God commands….we move!  We has humans can only speculate on His reasoning beyond any divine unction of the Spirit.


So God asks Satan...What’s going on?  Actually in Job 2:2 it says, “Where have you come from, said the Lord to Satan.” Satan responds as vain as he would as if attempting to antagonize God; He says in verse 7, “from roaming throughout the earth, going back and forth on it”.

Now God knew he wasn’t just checking things out, he was looking for accusations to present to God.  After all, he is the accuser of the brethren and that’s what he does.  So God, knowing why he’s really there, says to him in verse 3, “have you considered my servant Job?”  Satan’s ears perk up and starts in with the word games.  Satan whines at God, he can’t touch Job, because he’s covered with God’s protection.  But Satan throws a dig out there and says, “but if he wasn’t protected and allow stuff to happen to him, he’d curse you to Your face”.  So God tells him that He’ll drop the wall of protection but satan can’t take his life.  It’s almost like God challenged satan to consider Job as His champion, the one He empowered to not only endure satan’s attacks, but to be an example of God’s sovereignty by overcoming anything satan throws at Job.  


God wanted us future believers to read the truth of living a believer's life.  Jesus made it very clear in John 16:33 we will have tribulation in our lifetime, but He gave us an out….He overcame it, and that’s the power that gets us through.  Job’s affection was a horrible one.  There are many speculations what the boils were that infected him.  From skin cancer to leprosy, which today is an actual disorder called “Job Syndrome”.  Look it up!  Whatever it was, it was painful and tormenting.  But catch the meaning here. God describes Job as like no one else on earth... faithfu,l upright, blameless, who fears God and shuns evil.  Now that’s a reference I want on my resume!  Job was blameless! But yet, he was inflected with a horrible disease.  God used this terrible affliction to display His great power and mercy.  He also used it to bring Job face to face with a sinful nature lurking in his background and in the end, Job became more for God.


We humans, sometimes have a tendency to be hard on ourselves thinking we’ve done something wrong when adversity hits our lives.  Or we go the other direction and follow the footprints of Job’s friends, accusing Job that his own sins caused his calamity.  There are many accounts of horrible things happening to believers that sin wasn’t the cause of their trial.  God was at the helm the whole time.  I believe that’s why James tells us in chapter 1, starting with verse 2 to count it pure joy when we encounter trials of many kinds, because it will produce perseverance which will lead to maturity, living a life that lacks nothing.  Whatever your struggle is today whether it's health, emotional, mental, financial, or spiritual; rest assured, God has got you right where He wants you.  You may never know how and why it all happened, but later in the end when we stand before the living God in His glorious light surrounded by His love for all eternity, I guarantee, it isn’t going to matter.  So the next time trials come or if you’re in the middle of one,  drop to your knees and thank God He has counted you worthy to experience His resurrection grace so you too will live a life that lacks nothing.


Heavenly Father, we are so grateful for Your unfailing love for us.  Your word never changes.  You are the Anchor we can always count on to keep us secured to Your promise of never leaving or forsaking us.  Thank You for the strength You instill in us to endure each and every trial that comes our way and the hope that encourages us to keep going.  You have already proclaimed us as more than conquers in every battle.  And to that, we bow before You to give You praise, honor and thanksgiving….. in the name and resurrection power of Jesus we pray….Amen.



Help ukraine!

Please watch the below video sent from Petry Groza, one of our missionaries from Romania, who's ministry is helping house Ukraine refugees and getting supplies into Ukraine. 

Please contact Pastor John at to see how you can help!


s e r m o n

s c h e d u l e


July 24th: Special Guest Speaker: Pastor Murli Menon

Pastor John & Brenda’s good friend, Murli Menon, leads one of our supported Global Mission Fields. Murli is the founder and president of South Asia Institute for Leadership and Cultural Studies”, a seminary in India. Graduates serve as church planters, teachers, humanitarian workers, or other ministry positions in India and other Asian countries. 

Murli is an author and highly recognized global Christian speaker and leader.  He is the director of Impact of Hope International, treasurer of Asia Theological Association, and serves as Vice President for International Ministries with New Directions International. Murli has a heart to equip people in the Truth to reach people for eternity! 

Don’t miss this Sunday’s Service!!!


July 31st: Pivotal Prayers Sermon Series
Power of Prayer
by Brenda Slotten and Pastor John Slotten


August 7th: Pivotal Prayers Sermon Series
Dangerous Prayers
by Pastor John


August 14th: Seeking and Celebrating Change  

By Pastor Bruce Komassa


August 21st: Blessed and Engage: 

A Small Group

By Todd Vahlsing


August 28th: Blessed and Engage: 

Serving Our Church

By Pastor John


September 4th: Blessed and Engage: 

Loving God “Living the greatest commandment” Part 1

By Pastor Bruce


September 11th: 

Blessed and Engage: BAPTISM SUNDAY & Picnic at Pastor John & Brenda's!

Red/White/Blue Service - Blessed to Love our Neighbors"

(Our first Red, White, and Blue service recognizing our veterans, military, fire, and police servants)

By Pastor John


September 18th: Blessed and Engage: 

“Going” - Go to where the people are with what the people need! 

By Brenda Slotten


September 25th: Blessed and Engage:

Engaged Sunday“ Committed to Engage as God’s Blessing”

by Pastor John

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