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July 18th: Joshua Part 1 Chapters 1-6

"Blessings and Obedience" by Pastor John

July 25th: Joshua Part 2 Chapters 7-24

"The Lord's Fulfilled Promises" by Pastor John

July 18th: Joshua Part 1 Chapters 1-6

"Blessings and Obedience" by Pastor John

July 25th: Joshua Part 2 Chapters 7-24

"The Lord's Fulfilled Promises" by Pastor John

August 1st: Romans Part 1 Chapters 1-16

“Finding the Peace of God" by Todd Vahlsing

August 8th: Romans Part 2 Reread Chapters 1-16 (Romans Road) 

“Finding Salvation" by Pastor John

August 15th: Baptism Sunday! Ephesians Part 1 Chapters 1-4

“Becoming One With Christ" by Pastor John

August 22nd: Ephesians Part 2 Chapters 1-6

“Armor Up - Living in the Lord’s Strength“ by Todd Vahlsing

August 29th: Judges Part 1 Chapters 1-16

“Apostasy, Oppression, to Deliverance” by Pastor John

September 5th: Judges Part 2 Chapters 17-21

"Depravity in Sin" by Pastor John


Summer in the psalms

Essential Rock Church & Friends, 
Leaders at Essential Rock Church will be sharing and posting encouraging, faithful devotions from the book of Psalms. Please read the respecting Psalm with each Devotion to get the most from every single one of them. Watch your faith grow as we learn and apply these wonderful verses to our everyday life together. Enjoy!

Psalm 51

A Psalm of Repentance

Do you remember growing up and getting caught doing something wrong, and having to go say, “I’m sorry” to someone because of it? If you were like me, it was kind of a half-hearted, begrudging, blurted out, “Sorry”. It was said mostly because I knew I was in trouble and I was trying to get out of being in trouble, not because I was truly remorseful for what I had done.

Sometimes I look back at my life and I recognize that I have been like this with God, praying the begrudging prayer of “I’m sorry” because I am more afraid of the consequences of a sin, than remorseful for the sin itself. Many times, my adult “confessions” are little better than what my childhood confessions were.

Psalm 51 shows us what true repentance should look like. David does a horrific thing in committing adultery and he is confronted by the prophet Nathan. Psalm 51 shows us that true repentance is not only confessing your sins to God but turning away from sin and turning towards God. This is a process that not only alleviates the guilt of sin, but really opens us up to deep peace and joy through God.

What are the steps to grow in honest and true repentance that are found in Psalm 51?

  • Define and confess your sin – David uses three words in the first three verses of Psalm 51 to explain the understanding of his sin. Iniquity, Sin, and Transgressions. Each three words have different meaning and are used to show David’s understanding of how deep his sin is.
  • Appeal to God’s mercy – verse 1 says, “Have Mercy on me, O God, according to your unfailing love." Verse 1 calls out God’s characteristic of unfailing and unconditional love as the reason for Him to forgive us. This recognizes not only His mercy and love but His authority to forgive sin, no matter how great or small.
  • Avoid excuses and defensiveness – Recognize that our motivations and reasons do not justify the sin. Our confession is to God as our sin was against God. We may have sinned against others in the process, but ultimately, our sin is ours to own and confess to God. (Step 2 is to seek forgiveness from those we have sinned against.)
  • Look to Jesus – David refers to hyssop in verse 7.  “Cleans me with hyssop, and I shall be clean." Hyssop signifies purification with blood in Exodus 24. He knows that blood alone will make him whiter than snow (verse 7). This is ultimately pointing to the blood of Jesus, who gave His life and set us free from sin. (Hebrews 9:26).
  • Ask God to heal your brokenness (v8) and be comforted by God’s Spirit (v11) – Grief over your brokenness and sin, is not a sign of weakness and should not be seen as discouragement. The very grief you feel is a sign that the Spirit of God is working in you and causing you to hate what God hates...sin.
  • Rejoice – v-12-15. Not only is David joyful about his forgiveness through confession, he is so joyful that he cannot help but tell others about what God has done for him. 

Lastly – we can confess our sin and do it with pure intentions, but if in the back of our minds, we are planning on sinning again, true confession is not really taking place. God desires a repentant heart. He wants to free you from your destructive nature of sin. God can and will forgive you, no matter what you have done, no matter where you are today. Will you turn away from sin and turn towards God today?

Let’s pray

Father – have mercy on me, a sinner. Today I name these sins in my life. I appeal to You in Your great and unfailing love to forgive me. Send me Your spirit to strengthen me as I seek to turn from these sins and live a new and redeemed life of peace and joy today. Fill me with that joy so that I too am overflowing and need to tell everyone I know what You have done for me. Strengthen me to be able to stay focused and strong in Your will in my life and that I can meet temptation head on and live in Your Spirit today. Thank You for the blood of Your son, Jesus, who makes me whiter than snow in Your eyes and able to live redeemed, free, and joyful.


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