Stand alone messages

Explore our messages that are not part of a sermon series.  

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  • Ripple Effects

    Jake Meyers teaches on a message about the woman at the well and how we may have more in common with her than we think.

  • Stepping Into It, Go Trust

    David Lenz shares a heartfelt message on trusting God in what He tells us to do and how to be faithful like Abraham.

  • Our Gifts and Callings

    Pastor John shares an insightful sermon on why we need to use the gifts God has given us for our purpose and calling.  Our Father blesses us to be a blessing to build up the Church, His Kingdom and even ourselves.

  • Rhea Briscoe

    Author and Nationally renown speaker, Rhea Briscoe, will bless you with this powerful, insightful message

  • Memorial Day...Living in Freedom

    Choose to trust Jesus with Your life.  In Him, you will find true freedom.

  • A Look at Creation and

    Noah's Ark

    Noah was a faithful man who loved God.  So, God used him in a big way to save creation.  Are you faithful and love God so he can use you in a big way for His story?

  • Connecting the Disconnected

    Staying connected to Jesus and each other is vital to be victorious on this Earth. 

  • All In Jesus

    Jesus is the Creator of All:  Beginning, Middle and End!

  • God's Family and You

    You are invited into God's family!  Pastor John gives instruction on how to grow in relationship with the Lord, living in the fullness of God while here on Earth.

  • Called and Chosen

    You are called and chosen!  Pastor John speaks on what a privilege it is to be a child of God and what we are are to do as His chosen ones.

  • Why

    Psalm 34 says, "The righteous person may have many troubles, but the LORD delivers him from them all;"  Todd speaks on God's sovereignty and Job's example and applies it to today's Christian.

  • A Life of Love, Grace, and Generosity

    Real and true love is so much more than just a feeling. What, exactly does real love look like? Pastor John dives into how our Heavenly Father models His love through Jesus. Learn what true love really looks like!

  • The 40 Days of Jesus

    Learn the significance of the 40 days between Jesus resurrection and ascension. In this message, Pastor John talks about why Jesus remained on earth after His resurrection, what He did and taught during this time, and why it's so amazingly important for us today.

  • History, or His Story?

    Join Todd Vahlsing as he teaches the beautiful truth that lies deep within the scripture passage of Romans 8:28.

  • Linked in Love - Understanding the Gift of Prayer

    What is prayer, really, and why is it so important? Join John and Brenda Slotted as together they give a wonderful message about this gift of love

  • Blessed to be a Blessing

    How can you be a blessing to others? Join Pastor John as he teaches on what it means to be a blessing in our world today.

  • Walking in Jesus' Footsteps

    An invitation to go on a journey... will you take the trip?

  • The Awe Struck Father

    (Father's Day, 2017)

    What does it mean to be a Godly man? A message for fathers, brothers, husbands, sons, and men of all ages...

  • The Shepherd and the Sheep

    How do we hear the voice of God? World renowned Christian author and speaker Jill Briscoe gives us a beautiful message about Psalm 23.

  • A Story of Kindness

    Join us as we explore the exciting story of Esther and how it relates to us today. Learn how this woman's one small act of kindness in the face of ultimate danger saved an entire race and forever changed the world.

  • 360 Degrees of Leadership

    (Memorial Day Weekend 2017)

    Pastor John gives a message to remember those who sacrificed their lives for our country, Included is an interview with two of our local veterans, Dan and Michelle Madden, who share their stories and their hearts.

  • Stories of Redemption

    Members and friends of Essential Rock share their stories of redemption with cardboard testimonies. We welcome all who come to us, so don't be afraid to come as you are!