The Gospel 

According to John

Sermon Series Topics

In this sermon series, we will be taking a deep look into the Gospel of John. Learn why the Gospel of John is a great book to study whether you are new to Christianity, mature in your Christian faith, or just simply searching for answers on what it means to be a Christian.

  • July 8th

    The Pre-Existance of Christ

    John 1:1-18

  • July 15th

    Jesus' First Ministry Year

    John 1:19 - John 4:54

  • July 22nd

    Jesus' Popularity

    His Second Year of Ministry

    John 5

  • July 29th

    Our Seal of Approval

    John 6

  • August 5th

    Jesus' Opposition

    His Third Year of Ministry

    John 7

  • August 12th

    Light, Truth, and Freedom

    John 8

  • August 19th

    The Sixth Sign and our Good Shepherd

    John 9-10

  • August 26th

    Jesus' Power and Love

    John 11

  • September 2nd

    The Passion Begins

    John 12-17

  • September 9th

    The Passion Expressed

    John 18-19

  • September 16th

    The Passion's Purpose

    From resurrection to ascension; Jesus risen 40 days so that some may believe!

    John 20-21

  • September 23rd

    A Summary of the

    Gospel of John

    With guest speaker Stuart Briscoe