Strive to Thrive!

Sermon Series Topics

In this sermon series, we will be discussing how we can "strive to thrive" personally and corporately so that we may become more like Jesus through using the following biblical subjects:

  • April 8th

    Striving in love. 

    Loving without judgement.

    By Todd Vahlsing

  • April 15th

    Striving by being rooted in truth.

    A deep, biblical look at baptism.

    By Pastor John Slotten

  • April 22nd

    Striving to understand the power of God's miracles.

    A look at the miracles of Jesus.

    By Ryan Johnson

  • April 29th

    Striving always through prayer.

    Always staying connected to God.

    By David Lenz

  • May 6th

    Striving to be one with God.

    By Pastor John Slotten

  • May 13th

    Striving to move past fear.

    Standing strong in Jesus.

    By Rhea Briscoe

  • May 20th

    Striving by learning about spiritual warfare.

    We have the victory.

    By Pastor John Slotten

  • May 27th

    Striving in missions within our gifts.

    Being God's hands and feet.

    By Nerf Udoekong

  • June 3rd

    Striving in forgiveness and living beyond shame.

    Leaving the past behind.

    By Pastor John Slotten

  • June 10th - Walleye Weekend (Service in the Park)

    Striving to understand heaven and hell.

    By Pastor Tim Carlton and Pastor John Slotten

  • June 17th - Series Finale

    Striving within the Ten Commandments.

    How to abide.

    By Brenda Slotten